Increased striatal dopamine production from L-DOPA following selective inhibition of monoamine oxidase B by R(+)-N-propargyl-1-aminoindan (rasagiline) in the monkey
Finberg JP, Wang J, Bankiewicz K,
Harvey-White J, Kopin IJ, Goldstein DS.
Clinical Neurosciences Branch,
NINDS, NIH, Bethesda, MD, USA.
J Neural Transm Suppl. 1998;52:279-85


Striatal extracellular fluid concentrations of dopamine and metabolites in response to direct striatal administration of two L-DOPA boluses administered sequentially were determined in three rhesus monkeys during halothane anesthesia. Whereas in an initial microdialysis run, generation of dopamine was less following the second L-DOPA bolus than the first, in a subsequent run, in which the selective MAO-B inhibitor R(+)-N-propargyl-1-aminoindan (rasagiline) was administered systemically (0.2 mg/kg s.c.) between the two L-DOPA boluses, generation of dopamine was greater following the second bolus.

Rasagiline: structure
MAO-b inhibitors/PD
Anti-apoptotic activity
Molecular mechanisms
Rasagiline pharmacology
Induction of pro-survival genes
Rasagiline and the mitochondria
Antioxidant strategies against aging
Anti-Alzheimer/anti-Parkinson's drugs
Rasagiline versus selegiline metabolites
Rasagiline/ anti-apoptotic bcl-2 gene family
Dual AChE and MAO inhibitors and Alzheimer's
Rasagiline v selegiline: neuronal survival effects
Rasagiline (Agilect) in early Parkinson's disease

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